Hi!  I’m Kim, an ordained minister in the United Church of Christ (UCC).  I’ll celebrate 10 years as Pastor of Pilgrimage United Church of Christ in Marietta, Georgia.  (www.pilgrimageucc.org)  And, oh yeah–I love my job.

I live in Woodstock, Georgia, with my husband Allen Mulllinax and our two kitties, Gracie and Dayo.  Gracie is solid black and is named for my favorite monastery:  Our Lady of Grace in Beech Grove, Indiana.  Dayo is a Yoruban name that means “joy arrives.”  Dayo is a small tuxedo-looking kitty.  Joy truly did arrive when Dayo and Gracie entered our lives in November 2010.

Allen works as a pastoral counselor, a Hospice chaplain, and as the Music Director at Pilgrimage.  We are partners both in ministry and in life.  Life with Allen is a real kick!

I started my adult life as an elementary school music teacher (Lawton, Oklahoma), eventually felt a call to children’s ministry (because that was what I had seen women do in church), and went to seminary in Louisville, Kentucky (The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary).  Because the SBC denomination was fairly chaotic and very anti-women in ministry when I graduated (1992), I followed my professors’ advice and began PhD work.  (NOTE:  PhD work should never be a “plan B!”)

While doing doctoral studies at Emory University, my call was further clarified–I knew at last that I was called to pastor.  Happily, Virginia-Highland Baptist Church in Atlanta, GA recognized my gifts for ministry and ordained me.  After serving at Virginia-Highland for 18 months, the Pastor’s position at Pilgrimage opened up.  With the beginning of my work at Pilgrimage, I joined the UCC and have been very happy ever since.  (Check out our denomination’s website:  www.ucc.org)

I’ve started this blog, first off, because “everyone” said I should.  I’m also doing it because I find living the faith life is easier when we share our struggles with each other.  I am hopeful that as I share my struggles with faith, you will share yours, as well.  Perhaps in the dialogue, we all will be strengthened and, through our sharing, draw just a little bit closer to God.

Welcome to the conversation!

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